Weekly Reminder for June 4--June8


Reminder and Upcoming Events
1. Final Exam--We will start our final exam from June 18 to June 22. You can get your graduate cetificate on June 27th. All the students should leave campus before June 29.
2. Certificate--Students who will not study in SIAS next semster and need the certificate must come to office for registration with Cathy before June 8.
3. Evaluation of Teaching --- All the students should do Evaluation of Teaching at 4:00pm on Wednesday afternoon in classroom one.
4. No Final Eams---You will lose chance to take finals if you missed 1/3 classes this semster. Pls check with your teachers about your attendence.
5. Keep Clean---The summer is coming and the weather is becoming hoter and hoter . We had better keep our hall and classroom clean. Pls take rubbish away and donot leave in our apartment.

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