Weekly Reminder for May 21--May 27


Reminder and Upcoming Events:
1.  Homecoming Day---Welcome to attend different activities during the homecoming day.  This is another one of most important and meaningful activities in SIAS.
     Time:  May 26 Friday!   On camous!
2. Dance Party----   Times: May 25  7:00pm--9:00pm  Location : Jordon Hall
3. Float Parade---Each school will have their own float and we will make our own float from this Thursday to Friday in front of our apartment. Each country should choose 2 students to represent your country with your flag and national costume.
   Rehearsal Time: Friday afternoon  2:30pm .
   Time: Saturday 8:00am .
4. Graduate Certificate----Pls come to office for registration about your graduate certificate if you donot study in SIAS next semster.
5. Painting and Calligraphy Exhibition---Welcome to office to enjoy your Painting and Calligraphy during your free time.
    Time :  Tuesday --Friday  8:30--11:30am   2:00--5:00pm
     Location: SCLC office
6. Zhengzhou Foreigner Chinese Speach competition---Erkinbek Sabitov, Tuvshintugs Lkhagvasuren and Angaragbayar Amarjargal will represent SIAS to have a competition with the other foreigners from different universities. Best wishes to them!
    Time : May 26 3:00--6:00pm  Location: Zhengzhou

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