Weekly Reminder for May 7--May 11


Reminder and Upcoming Events:
1. Football Game
---Sias will hold football game this week and we will start competition with Chinese Students from this week. We will have a competition with Chinese students this Monday afternoon at 5:00pm.
2.Chinese Corner---Join us if you want to practice your Chinese and make more friends with Chinese students.
   Time: May.9th 4:00--5:30pm      Location: Classroom one.

3. Emergency Contact---Pls contact with David at 158-3826-0376 or davidyusias@gmail.com  if you have any problem and question no matter what it is. We can do our best to help you solve problem when we get your infor. at first hand.
4. Abide Chinese Law
---All the International students must abide Chinese Law and regulation. You will be expelled from SIAS if you violate these law and regulation.
5. Civilized behavior---Take care of all the public property and keep the hall clean in our apartment. You should pay for it if you break it.
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