Weekly Reminder for April 23--April 28


Reminder and Upcoming Events:
1. Football Game
---Sias will hold football game this week and we will start competition with Chinese Students from this week. We will put the schedule on the board later as soon as we get it.
2. International Talk---Students from Indonesia will share more information and culture about Indonesia with us at 4:00pn in classroom one this Weddesday afternoon .
3. Friendship Family Program---The Friendship Family Program is made up of students, married couples, and families.  Being assigned to a friendship family gives you an opportunity to become acquainted with a person or family from Sias Chinese Faculty and enjoy informal social activities in their homes and in the community. Pls contact David for registration if you want to join.
4. May Holiday---There are three days holiday from April 29--May 1.  We still have class on this Saturday according to Monday's class schedule.
5. Time schedule---The summer is coming and in order to make you have a good rest , we will start our class at 2:00pm in the afternoon from May.2 to Oct.1.
6. Teachers and Students face to face meeting---We will hold a face to face meeting about your study at 3:30pm in classroom one on Tuesday. You'd better think about it and give us more useful suggestions about teaching and your study. All the language students must attend this meeting.
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