Weekly Reminder for April 16--April 22


Reminder and Upcoming Events:
1. Football Game--Sias will hold Football Game next week and pls check the detail information on the board of your dorm.
2. "SIAS Cup" Chinese Speech Competition ---SCLC will organize the 1st "SIAS Cup" Chinese Speech Competition this Thursday . pls come to office for registration and more information if you want to join. I have uploaded document, pls check it.
3. Chinese Speech Training---We invite Mrs. Liu and Mrs. Fan to give us some training for Chinese Speech held in SIAS and Zhengzhou. Pls jion us if you like.
     Time : Monday 4:00pm--5:00pm
                 Tuesday 3:30pm--5:00pm
     Location: Classroom in our dorm.
4. HSK--The deadline for HSK registration is April 20. Pls come to office for more information from Cathy ASAP.
5. Travel Information---We will go to visit Kaifeng this Sunday. Kiafeng is an ancient and famous city in China. We will visit Qingming Riverside Landscape Garden and have snack in evening. Pls come to office for registration ASAP if you want to join.
6. Chinese Corner---Join us if you want to practice your Chinese and know more Chinese friends this Wednesday afternoon at 4:00pm in classroom one.
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