Weekly Reminder for April 9--April 15


Reminder and Upcoming Events:
1. Chinese Contest For Foreigners in Zhengzhou---Welcome to join 2012 UUFL Cup 2nd Chinese Contest for Foreigners in Zhengzhou.  This is organized by Zhengzhou Exit and Entry Management Bureau. You can check more information on board and attachment. The deadline for registration is April 12. Pls come to office if you are interested .
2. Spring Sports Game---SIAS will hold spring sports game on Apri 12--13. Our international students are invited to attend the opening&closing ceremony . All the students had better wear your own country's style clothes and take your national flag on April 12 to attend opening ceremony.
3. College Students Science and Cultural Arts Festival Award Ceremony---Daniiar, Arina, Arifky, A nuo will be honored on the ceremony. and there will be wonderful performance during the ceremony.  Time: April 10th 7:00pm .  Location: Opera House.  We will get together at 6:30pm in the lobby of  our dorm.
4. Travel information--We will go to visit Luoyang and Zhengzhou this weekend. pls come to office for registration before 11:30am on Wednesday.  

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