Weekly Reminder for March 26--Ap​ril 1


Reminder and Upcoming Events:
1. Tomb-sweeping Day--April.2--4th: No class. The classes on April 2nd are moved to Mar.31st ,  3rd are moved to April 1st. We still have class on this weekend.
2.  Technology & Cultural Festival--This week SIAS will organize different activities. Some of our international students attend this activities---Dancing and instrumental music. pls check the attachment about schedule.
3. Visit Delegation---there will be several delegation visit SIAS from next week in April and they will live on 2nd 3rd 5th 6th floor of International Students Apartment. Pls be quiet and keep clean in dorm.
4. HSK---pls come to office for registration before April 20 if you want to take HSK exam this semster. you can ask more detail information from Cathy Zhao. The exam date is May 20.


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