Weekly Reminder for March 5--March 9


Reminder and Upcoming Events:
1. Registration--Pls take your student ID certificate and Passport toour office for registration. Also, donot forget to pay for your study. You can come to office check your payment with Jeff. The deadline forpayment is March.17. Student who donot pay on time will not renew yourvisa.
2. Make up Exam---Students who didnot take exams and failed exams last semester had better prepare for your class to attend Make up Exam. The time is from Mar.6--8. pls check the schedule on the board of our dorm.
3.  Friendship Family Program -
--The Friendship Family Program is made up of students, married couples, and families.  Being assigned to afriendship family gives you an oopportunity to become acquainted with a person or family from Sias Chinese Faculty and enjoy informal social activities in their homes and in the community. You can come to my office if you want to know more information .
4.International Student Union (ISU) - Members of International Student Union (ISU) help develop activities and programming to increase intercultural exchange and awareness serving both SIAS students and the community of Xinzheng.  Welcome all of you join this amazing program. Shahruh Ashirmatov , Angaragbayar Amarjargal, Bing Lui Shia Lin Sanchez are team leaders .
5. Chinese Corner--Do you want to practice your Chinese and make more Chinese friends? Chinese Corner is a good stage for your dream. Welcome at 4:00pm on Wednesday afternoon in classroom one.
6. Emergency Contact
---Pls contact with David at 158-3826-0376 or davidyusias@gmail.com  if you have any problem and question no matter what it is. We can do our best to help you solve problem when we get your infor. at first hand.
7. Abide Chinese Law---All the International students must abide Chinese Law and regulation. You will be expelled from SIAS if you violate these law and regulation.
8. Civilized behavior--- Take care of all the public property in our apartment is our responsibility. You should pay for it if you break it. What's more, pls keep quiet and clean. The dorm is the place to have rest and study, so it is our responsibility to clean and keep quiet. Donot make noise and throw garbage outside our apartment.
9.Change Room---Pls come to David's office to write application if you want change room. Each student only has one chance to move your room.
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