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Academic Advising

Are you undecided on a major, looking to confirm the major you are currently pursuing, assessing your current academic situation or wanting to take courses as a non-degree seeking student? If so, then the Academic Advising and Career Exploration Center (AACE) is the place for you to go. AACE serves undecided majors, non-degree seeking students, students looking to confirm their current major, and students who are on academic probation and academic suspension. The Center is also a great advising resource for faculty advisors and staff. AACE can help you:

Explore your options for choosing a major

Review academic progress reports midway in the semesters

Understand the general education requirements

Plan your semester schedules and pre-enroll

Understand university policies

Locate appropriate offices for tutoring, counseling or other assistance



College course work can be challenging. Sometimes you may need extra help with understanding textbook material and course concepts. Academic Success Programs offers tutoring to help you strengthen your skills and ultimately improve your classroom performance. Our tutors are available to help with most General Education courses.

Some of The Reasons You Should Consider Taking Advantage of Tutoring:

You are struggling with a particular course concept.

You are performing poorly on assignments.

You need a second opinion.

You need a refresher on essential skills and knowledge needed for a specific course.

You want to improve your classroom performance.

You have an upcoming test and want to ensure you understand the material.

You want to improve your grade in the course.

You want insight from a student who has "been there, done that" and passed the class.

You just need help for any reason!



Application Requirements and Process

All applications must include the following items:

Completed application form, which can be downloaded from www.
Completed "Physical Examination for Foreigners" health form which can be downloaded from www.
A copy of the ID page of your valid passport
A copy of diploma of your highest level of education
Registration Fees of $35 US (Can be paid upon your arrival at Sias)

Please send your application package to:

International Cooperation and Exchange Department

Sias International University

168 people's Road East, Xinzheng City, Henan Province 451150

The People's Republic of China


 Financial Assistance/Scholarship

Concerned about the cost of your education?  Looking for scholarships?  You're in the right place!


Sias provide all kinds of scholarship: Financial Aid Awards, Leadership Awards, Entrepreneurial Awards, Phoenix Rising Women’s Scholarship, Bertha Smith Memorial Scholarship, Prevention Center Scholarship, Environmental Scholarship, Music Award, Art Award,etc.

You can apply for them in May every year!


If you pass all the course and the average score is 80 or above, GPA is 3.0 in the 4.0 scale for each course, you can apply for the Academic Scholarship.


International Student Service



Friendship Family Program, Mentor Program, Student Assistant Team, International Student Union, Student Clubs.



Cell phone:

you can choose a cell phone and buy a phone card in the China Mobile Company with your Passport.

Tips: Most of the students are fond of using the M-zone card. You can send free messages to your friends according to different combos.

Location: China Mobile Company---Under the Jinmao Square



Go to Bank of China to apply a bank card with your passport. It is convenient for your money.

You can draw money through ATM in Italy Square on Campus.



There are several express companies on campus. You can call them when you post things.

The service numbers are as follows:

FedEx Express: 4008861888    DHL Express: 4008108000

SF Express: 4008111111       STO Express: 021-39206888  EMS: 11185



If you want to travel somewhere by plane, please check the to book ticket.

You can call the airline phone as well:

China Southern(CZ): 95539   China Eastern(MU): 95530

Hainan Airline(HU): 950718  Shenzhen Airline(ZH): 95080

Shanghai Airline(FM): 10105858  Air China(CA): 400-810-0999



Go to Sias Hospital for help if you are ill in Italy Square on Campus.

Phone: 62602120



Shopping: Waka Supermarket, Denis Supermarket…

Do shopping everywhere on campus and downtown.

You can also take shopping bus at 9:00am on Saturday morning to Zhengzhou for shopping.



Take NO.1 bus to downtown and 1RMB for each person.

Rent bike and battery-operated motor cycle. Don’t forget to take your student card.



Sias has the counseling center which cooperate with the Southwest Health Behavior Center in US. If you have any question, please feel free to our office---The 4th floor of the Administration Building.

Time: 08:00am-05:00pm

Tell: 86-371-62600859



We are here to help you from the beginning through the end of your educational journey--from your admission application to your final degree check. We can assist you with interpreting university policies and degree requirements, fulfill your transcript requests or verify your current enrollment for insurance purposes.  Have a question about in-state residency requirements?  Need a course description sent to another college? Our goal is to maintain the quality, accuracy, safekeeping and confidentiality of the academic records of all current and former students.


 Residential Life

Our residential community consists of approximately all the boarding students. We believe that our relatively small size contributes to our greatest strength as a residential community: a sense of home. With 71 boarding students, it is very possible for each faculty member to know each of our residential students.


As members of a common community we share everything; we live together, work together, rest together, eat together, laugh together, learn together. The faculty at SIAS serves our students not only in the classroom as teachers, but on the playing fields as coaches, in the theatre as directors, and in the residences as hall parents and mentors.


Boarding students and teachers know each other well at SIAS. That relationship means that students know to whom to turn about an academic challenge or a personal dilemma. Teachers are able to respond with care and knowledge to the concerns and needs of their students.


For more information, contact Assistant for the Student Affairs at


Are you a current boarding student with suggestions for weekend activities? Email David Yu at


Testing Service


China's Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi, known as HSK or the Chinese Proficiency Test is a standardized test at the state level designed and developed by the HSK Center of Beijing Language and Culture University to assess the Chinese proficiency of non-native speakers (foreigners, overseas Chinese and students of Chinese national minorities). HSK consists of the basic Chinese proficiency test (HSK Basic), the elementary and intermediate Chinese proficiency test (HSK Elementary-Intermediate) and the advanced Chinese proficiency test (HSK Advanced). HSK is held regularly in China and other countries each year. Certificates of HSK will be issued to those who have secured the required scores.


The Chinese Ministry of Education has established China National Committee for Chinese Proficiency Test (HSK)(CNCCPT). The Committee is the supervisor of HSK and the issuer of the Chinese proficiency certificates. CNCCPT has an office called Office of China National Committee for Chinese Proficiency Test (HSK), which takes care of the HSK affairs together with the HSK Center of BLCU.


1. About Applicants of HSK

HSK (Basic) applies to those learners with the basic Chinese proficiencies, namely, those who have taken 100 to 800 hours of regular modern Chinese learning (including those with the equivalent learning experiences). HSK (Elementary-Intermediate) is for those who are at the elementary and intermediate level in Chinese proficiency, i.e. those who have taken 400-2000 regular hours of modern Chinese courses (including those whose proficiency in Chinese is similar to that standard). The HSK (Advanced) is designed to measure the Chinese proficiency of those who are proficient in Chinese, i.e. who have taken 3000 regular hours or more modern Chinese learning (including those whose proficiency in Chinese is similar to that standard).


2. The functions of HSK Certificates

(1)to certify that the holder has acquired the required Chinese Proficiency to enter a college or university as an undergraduate or graduate student.

(2)to certify that the holder can be exempt from taking the Chinese language course depending on the level of certification.

(3)as a basis for the employers to evaluate the Chinese proficiency of the job applicants.


3. HSK organizer and certificate issuer

CNCCPT is the organizer of HSK. And the CNCCPT Office and the HSK Center of BLCU are both in charge of the HSK affairs.


4. Venues

HSK is held regularly in Mainland China.

If you want to know more about HSK, please check