Undergraduate Program


SIAS Degree Program
Sias offers 14 associate degree majors and 56 undergraduate degree majors for native Chinese speakers in a variety of disciplines, including basic sciences, business management, computer science, economics and trade, electrical engineering, fine arts, foreign language, law sciences, music and performing arts, etc. The faculty is diverse with over 900 Chinese and 100 foreign instructors who are experts in their fields of study. Upon earning one of these degrees, students are well equipped to attain premier jobs in China or to apply for graduate school in prestigious Chinese or western universities.

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FHSU Degree Program
Beginning in the fall of 2000, Sias University and Fort Hays State University (Kansas) began a partnership to provide American accredited bachelor's degrees in China for fluent Chinese speaking students. This degree program is now also being extended to include English Speaking students who speak English as a second language or as native language by having all necessary courses delivered in English. Bachelors in Business Administration and in Organizational Leadership are now offered in both Chinese-and-English format, and an all-English format. Bachelor in Information Technology is now offered in a Chinese-and-English format.

Sias provides the following Fort Hays State University American degrees:
•    B.A. in Organizational Leadership
•    B.S. in Information, Networking, and Telecommunication
•    B.B.A. in Management

Each FHSU degree program requires 124 credit hours to complete. While 30 credit hours are provided by FHSU instructors at Sias, 82 hours are acquired through Sias courses (taught in Chinese or English), and 12 hours are from Credit-by-Exam courses taught on Sias campus in English.

Each FHSU bachelor's degree is comprised of 45 general education credit hours in conjunction with Sias University. These courses are divided amongst various disciplines and are the same for all three bachelor's degrees obtainable at Sias.
Curriculum Structure of American Degree Programs
General Education Courses for B.B.A, B.A and B.S Degrees (45 Credit Hours)

•    English Composition I, II
•    Foundations of Computer Application
•    Chinese History
•    Chinese Culture
•    Chinese Legal Environment
•    Mathematics 1, 2
•    Micro Economics
•    Macro Economics
•    Environmental Geology
•    College Physics
Major Courses for B.B.A in Management
Business Core Courses (27 Hours)

•    Business Law
•    Principles of Accounting
•    Managerial Accounting
•    Business Communication
•    Principles of Marketing
•    Principles of Management
•    Managerial Finance
•    Business Policy
•    Production & Operations Management
Management Major Courses (15 Hours)
•    Business, society, and Ethics
•    Applied Management Skills
•    Organizational Behavior
•    Human Resource Management
•    Management Information System
Management Elective Course (18 Hours)
•    Money and Banking
•    International Trade
•    International Settlement
•    Business Negotiations and Techniques
•    International Business English Correspondence
•    Theory and Practice of Customs
Free Elective Courses (20 Hours)
Major Courses for B.A in Organizational Leadership
Organizational Leadership Core Courses (27 Hours)

•    Introduction to Leadership Concept
•    Introduction to leadership Behavior
•    Field Work in Leadership Studies
•    Business Negotiation and Techniques
•    Leadership and Team Dynamics
•    Principles of civic Leadership
•    Principles of Organizational
•    Leadership Capstone
•    Leadership and Personal Development
•    Internship in Organizational Leadership
Organizational Leadership Required Courses (9 Hours)
•    Financial Accounting
•    Statistics Principles
•    Ethical Issues in Professions and Business
Organizational leadership Elective Courses (9 Hours)
•    Business Communications
•    Principles of marketing
•    Cross-cultural Communication
Free Elective Courses (34 Hours)
(Note: As this program is of Business English major, the 34 hours are all in the field of Business English.)
Major Courses for B.S in Information, Networking and Telecommunication
INT Core Courses (18 Hours)

•    Introduction to Web Development
•    Enterprise Production and Operation Management
•    Foundations of Information networking
• Leadership in Information Networking
•    Capstone Seminar in Information Networking
•    Law of Cyberspace
Computer Networking Concentration Courses (18 Hours)
•    Internetworking I, II, III
•    Network Architecture and Data Communications I, II
•    Digital Circuit Techniques
INT Cross Concentration Courses (6 Hours)
•    Introduction to Electronic Media
•    Introduction to Web-enabled Databases: Oracle
Free Electives (40 Hours)
•    Management Information system
•    Operating Systems
•    Data Structure
•    C-language Programming
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