The Journey Begins!


Every year, hundreds of thousands of students embark on a great journey. They leave behind family and friends. For the first time, they venture out into the world alone, facing life changes and making decisions that will impact their future forever. Choosing the right college or university is important. With so many decisions and choices, why pick Sias International University (SIAS)? What makes SIAS the right place for you? Why is SIAS unique?


In cooperation with Zhengzhou University of Henan, China and Fort Hays State University of Kansas, U.S.A., SIAS is an accredited university approved by the State Council of P. R. China and licensed by Ministry of Education of P. R. China to carry out higher education. A strong international presence, from students to faculty and staff, makes SIAS unique. People and cultures, from around the world, are represented in every aspect of SIAS life. Eastern and Western architecture, teaching models and cultural heritage infuse the SIAS campus with living energy. Everyone contributes to this unprecedented mélange of global synergy.

The SIAS experience prepares students for productive, caring and fulfilling multicultural lives, enabling them to embrace their future in today’s diverse world. The “East meets West” unifying theme underlies both SIAS’ academic and co-curricular programs. SIAS is building bridges between East and West with a generation of youth who will face important global issues such as maintaining natural resources, economic sustainability, and worldwide prosperity with a focus on a peaceful future.

SIAS’ innovative interdisciplinary approach to liberal arts education is grounded in the institution’s strong tradition of effective teaching and mentoring, and is complemented by an assortment of community-oriented campus life opportunities. Through a wide range of liberal arts and career-focused majors, the college fosters the ideals of multicultural responsibility, public service, global understanding, and lifelong intellectual, physical and spiritual development.

Creativity, enthusiasm, energy and intellectual proficiency combine to form the well-rounded educational experience of a lifetime. SIAS graduates, from around the world, leave with a competitive edge that is unsurpassed. Our alumni create lifelong friendships and enter the global workforce at a 98% employment rate, prepared with skills, knowledge, and a readiness to become leaders and decisions makers in an ever changing world.

SIAS is ready for those who have the vision, courage, dedication and hope of something great. It is for those who dare to dream big, live boldly, and embrace the spirit of adventure. If this is you, then welcome to SIAS!



Jinjin Chu
Dean, School of Chinese Language and Culture