Frequently Asked Questions

1. What  sort of things are within walking distance of campus?

 On Campus

 1. 2 Supermarkets

 2. American coffee shop, very good coffee

 3. 15+ Restaurants (Chinese, Koren, Vegetarian, American), a lot of cafeteiras

 4. 2 Bakeries (Chinese style bakery)

 4. 5 Tea shops

 5. Q Berry (Frozen Yoghurt Bar)

 6. Barbers

 7. Nail Salon

 8. 6 Small Supermarkets

 9. 4 Cellphone service stores

 10. Clinic

 11. 4 Photo Copy Stores and Printing stores

 12. Box Stores (students rent out sections of the store to sell variety of  \items)

 13. Music store (guitars, sheet music for sale)

 14. 3-4 fruit stores

 15. Post Office (pick-up international mail)

 16. Book stores

 And more...

Near Campus/5 minutes walk

 1. Coffee house

 2. Internet Cafes

 3. Pizza Place

 4. Ice Cream Store

 5. Big supermarket

 6. NEW supermarket foreign favorites (butter, avocados, brown rice, button mushrooms)

 7. Outdoor fruit markets

 8. Christian Bookstore

 9. Flower Store

 10. 8 Barber Shops/Salons

 11. Bike/moped rentals

 12. Scenic/Amusement Park

Downtown/5-10 minutes by taxi, bus, bike

 1. Dico's (like KFC)

 2. Peoples' Park (performances, dancing)

 3. Larger Waka Stores(supermarket)

 4. Furniture Market

 5. Kitchen Cabinet Stores

 6. Organic Farm Restaurant

 7. Hot Pot Restaurants

 8. Baby Clothes Stores

 9. Athletic Shoe Section

 10. Indoor Mall

 11. China Bank, China Construction Bank, China Agricultural Bank branch offices

ZhengZhou/60 minutes by taxi/van, 90  minutes by bus. Zhengzhou is the captail city of this province.

 1. Food

 2. ZhengZhou attractions

 3. We love Metro in ZZ for buying  imported food!

 4. Walmarts, Carrefour are in ZZ, too.

2. Do I get time off from classes?

The academic calendar is posted on this page.

3.  Can I work out?

The host university has various athletic facilities. There is an on-campus gym,basketball and tennis courts, an Olympic sized track, a golf driving range and a indoor swimming pool available. In addition to university facilities, there are also well-equipped gyms available near campus for a nominal fee.

4. What is there to do for fun?

You will have a lot of time to enjoy the community of your fellow students andthe  foreign teachers.

Together you cantravel, work out, watch movies, go to karaoke, shop, play sports, pool, or ping-pong, eat out, get massages, go to the roller rink, etc. Many people enjoya leisurely bike ride around town. You can rent bicycles outside campus forunder 50 cents. The community is always looking for teachers to lead or helpout with various extracurricular activities such as speech team, music, ordrama. Whatever your interest, you'll find it available, or, you can make it happen!

5. How  about safety issues?

The university is patrolled by security guards at night, and is guarded at  the gates. The interantional students' building has an attendant that watches the  front door and locks it at night. The Chinese government is extremely  effective at crime control, and terrorist attacks in this province have never proved to be an issue. Feel free to consult the US Department of State  advisories for any specific information you might require.

6. What is the weather like?

Autumn and spring both have comfortable mild weather with intermittent rain.  Be prepared for hot and humid summers, and cold damp winters with

some snow. See weather for the current month here on

7. What  do the students think of Americans?

Each student will have a different opinion, but in general, the students are very eager to spend time with foreigners. In fact, you might find that you  

have a kind of "celebrity status" on campus. The common misconception is that Americans are exactly like what is seen in American  movies. So,

some students think all Americans are wealthy, or live like movie  stars. Others think Americans are rude, overweight, loud, etc.

8. What  is the key to the best possible experience in China?

FLEXIBILITY! We strive to be as honest and accurate as we can in answering all questions, but the reality is that things will change that are beyond our control.  Living abroad, especially in a culture that is very different from your own,  is a wonderful, but often unpredictable experience.

9. What will I eat?

Many students eat a few meals a week off campus at the many Chinese and Western restaurants. Eating out is extremely cheap.

10. Canyou buy American food?

There are more and more western products appearing on the shelves of the major supermarkets including popcorn, Dove chocolate, Nabisco

cookies, and muffins.There is also a western-style "super store" store about a 45 minute drive from campus where you can buy many western products.

11. CanI drink the water?

You cannot drink the tap water, but there is bottled water provided for free in the hallway in the dorms. Bottled water is sold throughout China.

12. What will my expenses run me?

Aside from the Miscellaneous fees, your airfare will cost you anywhere from$1000.00-2000.00 USD. ,depending on when you purchase it, your food will runyou about $100.00 USD per month.

13. Can I travel to other parts of China?

Yes,if there are no classes and no rehearsals, you are free to visit other parts ofChina, at your own expense.

14.When is the 15tth Anniversary performance?Can I leave after that?

The15th Anniversary performance is May 31st.  You are welcome to leave after that if you do not wish to receive the Language and Culture Certificate.

15. Will I have a roommate?

Most boarding students live in double rooms. New boarding students are matched with roommates with similar personalities and interests. You can also choose a single room for a small fee.

16. What do I need to know about the culture?

Eastern and Western cultures are very different.  It would be to your benefit to read and learn all that you can about the culture before coming to China. Survival Skills For Overseas Living by Robert Kohls is endorsed by several of the foreign faculty at SIAS.