School Overview


The School of Chinese Language and culture is one of colleges directly under Sias International University. It is responsible for the enrollment, registration, teaching arrangements, entry and exit affairs of international students, and daily life, etc. It is in charge of the application and management of cooperation programs and cooperatively running schools. It has the rights to admit students for cooperatively-running programs or training programs and administrate other things related to the international education.


The foremost task of SCLC is to attract a great number of overseas students to study in Sias International University; vigorously develop cooperatively-running schools, and to foster a large number of high-quality international-oriented compound talents; by the way of training overseas students, on the basis of communicating and cooperating with foreign universities and colleges as well as educational institutions, we could introduce advanced education recourses in, make good use of them and continuously improve the international position.

Sias International University began to enroll international students in 2003. International students from the U.S.A., Canada, Korea, Japan, Russia, France, Germany, Mexico, Indonesia, Peru, Philippines, etc.


Nowadays more and more overseas students come to China to study Chinese; SCLC provides good learning conditions for overseas students to engage in advanced studies. SCLC offers three different types of academic programs tailored to meet the needs of today's students living and competing in a global environment. These are: the Chinese Studies Certificate Programs, American Bachelor Degree Programs and Chinese Degree Programs. No matter what your educational needs are, Sias University can help you achieve your goals!