Ministry of Basic Education

The predecessor of the School of Basic Education was the Division of Basic Studies, which offers core curricula including Mathematics, Social Science ( Marxist Philosophy, Introduction to Mao Zedong Thought and Theoretical System of Socialism with Chinese Characteristics, Moral Cultivation, Psychology), Chinese Language and Literature (College Chinese, Contemporary Chinese, Mandarin Chinese)


In the past years, the school, with the great effort of the entire staff, has shifted from the practice of overemphasizing teaching & learning to a new pattern which is characterized by pursuing distinctive specialties and integrating teaching with scientific research, thus establishing a new system of development by way of mutual interaction between basic studies and majors. Ever since its foundation, the school has engaged a group of excellent an experienced teachers. Now it has three teaching and research offices: the Office of Professional Mathematics, the Office of Social Science and the Office of Chinese Language and Literature. Among its 47 full-time teachers, there are two full professors, 29 associate professors, 12 instructors and 18 graduates.


Undergraduate specialties:

1. Chinese Language and Literature
Students pursuing this major are trained to be teachers in the profession of the teaching of Chinese as a foreign language. The graduates are required to have a good command of Chinese language and literature and expected to be employed as teachers or researchers in the domain of Chinese language and literature, or secretaries or journalists or editors in these sectors like information services, cultural agencies, publishing houses, institutions of higher learning, institutions of scientific research and enterprises & public institutions. They are also required to be bilingually conversant in handling foreign affairs.


Leading courses
Introduction to Linguistic, Ancient Chinese, Contemporary Chinese, Ancient Chinese Literature, Chinese Contemporary Literature, Pedagogy, Pedagogical Psychology, Writing Basics, A Survey of Chinese Linguistics, Foreign Literature, Introduction to Chinese Culture, Fundamentals of Literary, Introduction to the Teaching of Chinese as a Foreign Language, Cross-cultural Communication and Exchange, English Writing, English Interpretation, English Translation, Readings form English Newspapers & Magazines.


2. Information and Computer Science
The students enrolled in this specialty will be educated to be professionals who are well versed in fundamental theories and application of information science and computer science, and qualified for teaching. They will receive primary training in scientific research so that they have the capability to solve real-world problems and can find jobs of research, teaching or development in the fields of science and technology, education and economic sectors.


Major courses
Mathematical Analysis, Advanced Algebra, Space Analytic Geometry, Probability theory and Mathematics Statistics, Complex Variables Functions, Mathematical Equations, Numerical Computing Methods, Ordinary Differential Equation, C Programming Language, Software Engineering, Computer Graphics, Introduction to Teach-Pack, Principles of Database, Mathematical Modeling.


Specialties for three-year-college students:

Major in Foreign Secretarial Science
Students majoring in Foreign Secretarial Science will be developed into practical talents in conformity with the requirements of socialist modernization and the demands of the modern society. They will be well versed in English, Chinese and foreign secretarial expertise, and have a good understanding of both Chinese culture and cross-cultural communication, which will qualify them for the secretarial positions in party and government organizations at different levels, enterprises and public institutions as well as joint ventures.


Principal courses
Introduction to Secretarial Science, Applied Communication, Business English, Foreign secretarial science, Secretarial English, Culture and Etiquette, Office Automation, Science of Archives Management, Principle & Practice of Public Relation, Photographing Technique, Administrative Management, English Correspondence, etc.


Major in journalism
The disciplines offered in the specialty aim to foster practical talents in the area of mass media, who are well developed morally, intellectually and physically, well prepared in fundamental theories and skills in mass media, and well possessed of professional ethics, professional dedication and speculative knowledge, especially the competence of interviewing, writing and working at grass roots level.


Chief courses
Introduction to Communication, Introduction to Journalism, Interviewing in Journalism, Writing in Journalism, Outline of Broadcast and Television, History of World Journalism, News Photography, Introduction to Advertising, Public Relations, History of Journalism in China, News Editing, News Review, Ethics and Law of Journalism, Chinese Contemporary Literature, Introduction to Literature, etc.