School of Chinese Language and Culture


School of Chinese Language and Culture’s main responsibility is to educate and manage the international students. We have 71 international students coming from 18 countries and regions, including U.S.A. , Canada, Germany, Russia, Peru, Mexico, Spain, South Korea, Japan, Mongolia, Nigeria, Lesotho, Taiwan China, Philippines, Kyrgyzstan, Indonesia, Tajikistan.


School of Chinese Language and Culture actively draws experience from authoritative institutions in China and adopt the best textbook. Meanwhile, Sias University has a partnership with Fort Hays State University (U.S.A) and Hansei University (South Korea). International students can study for BA. BBA. or BS degree of FHSU.


International students will have a lot of interesting activities on campus. Sias actively provides language exchange platform for Chinese and foreign students, with Roller Skating Association, English Club, Photograph Association and Cheerleader Team, etc. International students will be involved in different clubs and important events out of class. What’s more, the students will be invited to take part in the parties held by the student union or other organizations. All of these activities can not only improve Chinese and foreign students’ language skills, but also increase their understanding of foreign cultures and enhance the friendship between Chinese and international students.


In order to provide more comprehensive consulting service and security service for international students, School of Chinese Language and Culture has set up a set of standardized management system, insisting on the principle of education pushing management, system construction promoting management, service optimizing management; meanwhile we improve student apartment accommodation, so as to provide more advanced and convenient facilities for students. Students will experience the Chinese magnificent rivers and mountains, feel different multi-ethnic customs, know better about the harmony of multi-ethnic groups and deepen their understanding and identifying of Chinese culture.


School of Chinese Language and Culture is always sticking at team-building, focusing on staff training, strengthening their sense of responsibility and mission, so as to provide timely and qualified service for international students.


Since founded in 1998, Sias International University has been focusing on educating versatile students to be proficient in English, have strong, up-to-date skills and knowledge, and make a large global network of friends. With the persistent leadership and the contribution of Chinese and international faculties and staffs, the current enrollment of Sias International University has reached 210000+ (Chinese students) and 60+ (international students) till September 2010. With the commitment to build an authentic international campus environment for students, the issue of international student enrollment growth has been addressed in the middle and senior leadership retreatment 2010.

Currently, the International Student Program is in the organizational chart of the School of International Education. In order to increase the international student enrollment growth and promote Chinese language and cultures exchange program, I propose to expand and enhance the function of International Student Program and transfer it to be the School of Chinese Language and Cultures.

Brief Introduction
The School of Chinese Language and Cultures will offer quality, individualized services to international students to study, connect, engage, and succeed at Sias International University.

There are four major functions of the School of Chinese Language and Cultures:
(1). Providing various extraordinary academic programs according to the needs of students;
(2). Creating engagement and learning environment opportunities with student support services;
(3). Encouraging and engaging more potential international students by providing easy-accessible application system and one-to-one student attention services.
(4). Building the reputation of Sias International University in the global sense by promoting Chinese language and cultures exchange program.

Our friendly, student-centered support services and expertise is available to international students throughout their studies. In the same time, building authentic international campus environment will also be prioritized in our work.


Vision, Mission, Value
1. Vision

The vision of the School of Chinese Language and Cultures is to create an unparalleled student experience from the beginning of college and beyond by providing extraordinary one-to-one attention, services, and support to help each member of our learning community succeed.

2. Mission
The mission of the School of Chinese Language and Cultures is to:
· Provide various extraordinary academic programs to international students at affordable tuition rates;
· Enable students to learn Chinese language and culture in an international campus environment;
· Create relationships, programs, and services designed to stimulate diverse learning environment opportunities;
· Motivate students to think globally and reinforce student engagement in and outside the classroom;
· Discover student potential, and develop their unique talents;
· Explore more opportunities for potential international student to join in the family of Sias International University.

3. Values
· Value the success of each individual student (Students come first and are viewed as our primary partners);
· Support and appreciate students, one another, our University colleagues, alumni, other University partners, and community;
· Inspire and facilitate diverse perspectives and experiences;
· Be committed to lifelong learning and continuous improvement; (We will actively practice professional development, are knowledgeable about our students, engage in evidenced-based practice, and pursue aggressive goals.)
· Recognize and practice the importance of life-work balance, safety, and healthy life styles.