School of Nursing

The School of Nursing, which now provides a four-year undergraduate program in nursing, has constitute an internationalized teaching system of paying attention to medicine foundation, taking care of humanities and combination of theory and practice by being affiliated with the School of Medicine of Zhengzhou University, the School of Nursing of Zhengzhou University which have the comprehensive advantage in medicine, nursing and humanities, and based on the support from the affiliated Hospitals of Zhengzhou University which can provide excellent teaching and practice opportunities for students, and in cooperation with Fort Hays State University of Kansas.



Scientific course system has been set up to nurture the advanced internationalized talents in the School of Nursing by researching on foreign and domestic nursing education development and the demand for advanced nursing talents in the international market.


Led by Dean Niu Fuyou, professor, the former dean of the School of Nursing, Zhengzhou University, and Vice Dean Chang Guimai, associate professor, the former dean of Paediatric Department, Henan Medicine University, the School of Nursing, Sias University has a sophisticated teaching staff with fine quality and higher degrees, and some of whom are well-known and leading in Henan Province. Thus the students can learn face to face from the top professors. The School develops internationalized teaching environment such as inviting foreign experts and teachers every year, sending excellent teachers abroad to learn the advance nursing science and students’ communication in foreign language in class that favors the students’ mastering language skill without going abroad. The abundant original foreign books and audio and video material will enhance greatly the students’ English skill on listening, speaking, reading and writing, which will lay a reliable language foundation for the nursing work abroad.


The School now has three teaching offices: Basic medicine Teaching and Research Office, Teaching and Research Office of Nursing Speciality and Teaching and Research Office.of Human Cultural Nursing. The School owns three laboratories: dissection, function and modality in which the advanced equipment and normative management can meet the need of undergraduates’ experiments and teaching. And the five affiliated hospitals of Zhengzhou University are able to facilitate fine teaching and practice that may meet the need of students’ clinical practice. The School is still in its fast developing period during which a teaching building with 15000 square meters will be finished in northern campus and a comprehensive laboratory will be built including 15 branch labs.


The students will be granted a certificate and a Bachelor of Science degree by the Zhengzhou University after they finish their study. For encouraging and helping students who have ambition to go abroad to have further study on nursing science, the School extends and strengthens the communication and cooperation with domestic and foreign universities and provides students more opportunities for further study and work abroad by taking the advantage of Sias Group.
You are welcome to study in the School of Nursing!