Academy of Fine Arts

The Academy of Fine Arts grew out of the Department of Fine Art of Sias. It offers four specialties of visual communication design, environmental arts design, digital art design and advertising design. Among its 25 full-time teachers and part-time teachers, there are five full professors and associate professors and seven graduates. With an enrollment of approximately 1,000 students, the Academy of Fine Art enjoys an high employment of 90%. While sticking to the tenet of conglomerating the culture of the East and the West and paying much attention to the instruction, creation and research, the school seeks to make a difference by offering skillful training in modeling and coloring, inspiring the students’ originality and focusing on the demands of the society. By now it has set up 5 practice bases to provide the students with opportunities to put what they have learnt into practice. During the word-wide collection of mascot for 2010 Shanghai World Expo, the “Urban Home” co-designed by the teachers and students in this school was selected out of the 26,655 entries from 21 countries and regions, and awarded one of the 10 prizes for excellent design.


Major in visual communication
The disciplines in this specialty aim to turn out professionals who are both skilled in design, creation, teaching and research, and proficient in advertising design, packaging design, corporate image design and multi-media business web design.

Major courses
Sketching, Coloring, Plane Constitution, Color Constitution, Three-dimensional Constitutes, Computer-aided Design, Catalogue Design, Advertising Design, Manufacture Textile Fiber Art Design, Decoration Art Design, Books’ Binding & Layout Design, Display Design and Webpage Design, etc.


Major in environmental art design
The courses in this specialty aim at the cultivation of inter-disciplinary talents who are armed with modern design philosophy and the latest architectural technology, who are not only adept at teaching in the areas of interior & exterior design, environmental design, spatial design, landscape design, park & garden design, exhibition design, etc., but also good at research and practical design.


Main courses
Sketching, Coloring, Plane Constitution, Color Constitution, Three-dimensional Constitutes, Basics of Computer Application, Presentation of Architectural Visualization, Decoration Material & Constitution, Housing Design, Catering Space, Display Space, Square Design, Residence Community Planning & Design, Recreational Space, etc.


Major in digital design
The curricula in this specialty target at training all-round art designers, who are well equipped with the elementary theories, fundamental knowledge and general techniques of digital graphic & images design, who are well-learnt and capable of teaching and studying in the area of digital graphic & images design, who are competent to teach, design, research and administer in the field of education, designing, research and management, and who are able to adjust themselves to the demands of the society.


Leading courses
Sketching, Coloring, Fundamentals of Digital Graphic & Images Design, Creative Graphics, Basics of Photography, Web & Web Page Design, Interface Design, Multi-media Design, Presentation Techniques, Professional Theory, etc.


Major in advertising
The courses are offered to train the students to be professional advertisers who are well-grounded in the principle of advertising, scientific & cultural knowledge, high creativity & aesthetic judgment, competent to do such jobs as advertising operation & management, advertising planning & design, marketing planning & study in such departments as mass media advertising divisions, advertising companies, marketing investigation, information consulting industry as well as enterprises & public institutions.


Principal courses
Advertising Operation & Management, Copywriting, Advertising Planning, Advertising Media Study, Negotiation Techniques, Introduction to Mass Media Management, Brand Strategy, Consumer Behavior, Movie & Television Advertising, Broadcast & Television Studies, etc.