School of Law

The School of Law originated from the Law Department. The School of Law aims to develop advanced and practical legal talents, who are eligible not only for legislation work and judicial practice but also for teaching and study of laws. Students are required to pass four years of study to have a solid fundamental theory of law and systematically grasp the expertise in the field. They are prepared to have a good knowledge of the domestic laws and regulations, have strong social responsibilities and can be entrusted with important duties, be able to independently analyze and solve problems and also have good English listening, speaking, reading and writing abilities. Meanwhile the students are encouraged to obtain the information about the latest academic development of domestic and overseas laws so that they could be employed in judicial and public security departments, national authorities, non-governmental organizations, enterprises and public institutions as well as institutions of higher learning.


On the basis of inheriting and developing the traditional Chinese education model and systematically teaching the professional courses, the School of Law actively draws on the case methods of outstanding law schools abroad to help students strengthen their ability to understand and to develop students’ argument ability. In addition, the School of Law successfully applies the social practices to the four-year teaching process, assisting students to establish law and legal aid societies, and encouraging students to hold activities like obligation law consultation, mock court, debate contest, and so on.


On the curriculum design, the School of Law conducts teaching in strict accordance with the 14 core courses of law stipulated by Chinese Ministry of Education. The courses offered include Jurisprudence, the Constitution, Civil Law, Criminal Law, Civil Procedural Law, Criminal Procedural Law, Administrative Law, Administrative Procedural Law, International Law, Private International Law, International Economic Law, Economic Law, etc., together with other professional courses with strong practicability, such as Financial Law, Lawyer Practice, and Science of Judicial Expertise.


Taking advantage of Sias’ international cooperative education, the School of Law enhances the English teaching from all aspects: setting up courses like British-American Contract Law, Anglo-American Tort Law and British-American Business Law, adopting original textbooks, and using English as the only language in class. All these efforts are made to enable the graduates freely use their English to offer legal services to the customer home and abroad after graduation.


Since its foundation, the School of Law has carried out academic exchanges, regularly inviting famous experts and scholars from home and abroad to give lectures, inviting judges, procurators and lawyers to exchange ideas with students. Also it has come into preliminary agreement with American and Japanese counterparts, establishing plans like short-term overseas study and student exchanges.