School of International Education

The School of International Education, officially established in July, 2007, was developed from the initial BGS department. BGS is the abbreviation for “Bachelor of General Studies",which is a cooperative education project between Zhengzhou University in Henan, China and Fort Hays State University in the United States. It was approved in 2000 by the Degree Office of the State Council in the No.38 document to be put into operation by Sias University. The approved program by the Ministry of Education in July of 2007 includes Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA), Bachelor of Science (BA), and Bachelor of Arts (BA). It concentrates on five majors: Business Administration, English, Information Management and Information Systems, International Finance, plus International Economics and Trade. Students must pass 124 credit hours in order to be awarded the bachelor’s degree, of which 82 hours are courses taught by Sias International University instructors and 42 hours are Fort Hays State University courses taught by foreign instructors. Upon completion of this program, students will be awarded an American degree (BBA/BA/BS) from Fort Hays State University.


The School of International Education provides students with internship or jobs opportunities by building up cooperation with local enterprises and institutions. Meanwhile, the school actively launches cooperative education programs with many overseas universities, and has already sent undergraduates and exchange students to study aboard. This opportunity offers students with international culture and various study experiences. What Sias International University has done aims to nurture international talents who can well adapt to the modern opening society.


Chinese degree programs provided for International students are Chinese language studies (short-term and long-term), Chinese History, Chinese traditions studies and optional package. International students can get certificates issued by Sias International University upon the completion of the program. Moreover, international students are welcomed to study BBA, BS, or BA degrees. They will be awarded the bachelor’s degree in their chosen field upon meeting all the requirements.


Introduction to Degrees
BBA(Bachelor of Business Administration)
Business Administration

Business Administration delivers a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) based on time-tested theories, concepts, and applications. It is designed to prepare students to address leadership and managerial goals, responsibilities, strategies, and tactics to enhance the overall effectiveness of respective organizations or cooperation. This curriculum features the following courses: Management, Economics, Statistics, Accounting, Corporate Finance Management, Marketing, Economic Law, HR management and Enterprise Strategic Management.


International Finance
The aim of this specialty is to provide senior talents with professional knowledge in financial theories to meet the needs of open reform and economic construction in China. Students can be engaged in the banking, securities, investment, insurance and other economic management departments, education, science and research departments, and enterprises. The curriculum contains Economics, Finance, Financial Law, Marketing, International Settlement, Bank Accounting, Investment Banking and Insurance.


International Business Trade
This specialty provides students with fundamental knowledge of international business and trades, and enables student to master systematic modern economics basic theory and operation skills, to have a good command of the developmental situation of contemporary international economic business, and to be familiar with conventions in international trade and Chinese policies and statutes in foreign trade. Students can be qualified for the work of foreign trade, investigation and research, promoting, planning and international settlement in business departments concerning foreign affairs, foreign direct investment enterprises, governmental agencies and financial institutions. The provided curriculum includes Economics, Accounting, International Finance, International Commercial Law, International Trade, Business Negotiation Skills, Monetary Banking and Management.


BA(Bachelor of Art)

The English major fosters students with an all-round development, a solid foundation for English language, wide knowledge and a high-level ability in the second foreign language, taking charge of translation, research, teaching and management in the fields of foreign affairs, business, culture, news publishing, education, scientific research and tourism. The curriculum includes Professional English, Business English, Lexicology, Translation, Oral English, English Writing, the Second Foreign Language, Economics, and Management.


BS (Bachelor of Sience)
Computer Information System Management

This specialty cultivates senior qualified specialists with a good foundation for modern management theory, computer science technology and practice, a good command of system thought, analyzing and design methods for information systems and information management. The students can be in charge of information checking and recording, information system analyzing, designing, and estimating in national management departments in different degrees, joint ventures, financial institutions and scientific research and teaching units. The students mainly study the basic theory and basic knowledge of the subjects such as Computer Basics, Advanced Computer Programming and Designing, Data Structures, Database, Software Engineering, Website Designing and Information System Management.