School of Electronics and Information Engineering

The School of Electronic and Information Engineering (SEIE) is one of the special colleges in Sias University. SEIE was founded in 2007 and consists of two departments (Computer Science and Electronic Engineering). There are nine majors and about 2300 students. SEIE holds 76 teachers including 13 professors and 20 adjunct professors.


Our college pays attention to students' study life, especially at the theoretical level and its application. Along with successful programs and support, SEIE offers students the skills and opportunities that future jobs require. Students graduate with real-world experience and hands on skills in various tasks and posts such as teaching, researching, and administration. With this strength in our academic area, our college maintains higher employment rates in Henan province. Meanwhile, our students have a promising percentage passing the postgraduate entrance exams. Currently, we have the international cooperation programs with Magdeburg University located in Germany and University of Wollongong (UOW) located in Australia. Students who are graduated can go directly to these schools for further education.