School of Foreign Language

The School of Foreign Languages of SIAS International College of Zhengzhou University, which has been originated from Department of English, was founded in 1998. Among the 245 faculty members, 153 are Chinese and 92 are foreigners, 21 are professors, 36 are associate professors, 25 are lecturers. In terms of academic degrees, 9 have doctor’s degrees and 41 have master’s degrees. The internationalized faculty talents of the college of foreign languages take the advantageous position in China.

So far, the School of Foreign Languages consists of two departments and one division: Department of English, Department of Japanese and College English Teaching and Research Division. Department of English offers three specialties: Business English, English Translation and English Education. Department of Japanese offers two specialties: Business Japanese, Japanese Translation. College English Teaching and Research Division is responsible for teaching English to SIAS’s undergraduate students not majoring in English.


Teaching equipment of the School of Foreign Languages is advanced and comprehensive. At the present time, more than 13,400 square meters are exclusively for teaching. Generally speaking, there are 120 common classrooms, of which 20 are multimedia ones and 18 are phonetic laboratory. 10 first-class phonetic laboratories are going to be constructed recently.


The School of Foreign Languages aims to develop students of all-around ability, who have the ideal, the morals and the discipline as well as fit in socially. It also aims to cultivate students into multi-skilled talents with a good command of English and knowledge of international business and skills, being able to work on translation, international business, teaching research and editing in the field of foreign-related corporation, Multinational Corporation, education, science and research and foreign affairs.


Main course offered in the School of Foreign Languages are as follows: Phonetics, Oral English, Listening, Intensive Reading, Extensive Reading, Grammar, Translation between English and Chinese, American and English Literature, Linguistics, Advanced English, English lexicology, A Brief Survey of English and American countries, Foreign Newspaper Reading ( English), Cross-Cultural Communication( English), Writing, Second Foreign Language( Japanese, French or Spanish), Business English( English), Tourism English, Computer English( English), Business Communication(English), Electronic Commerce( English), International Marketing (English),An Introduction to e-economy (English), International Commercial Law(English), Foreign Secretary(English), English Speech, Interpretation, Comprehensive Japanese, Japanese Interpretation, Selected Japanese Newspaper Reading( Japanese), Japanese Grammar, Translation Theory and Practice, Writing, Listening, Extensive Japanese Reading, A Survey of Japanese, Second Foreign Language( English), International Trade Practice( Japanese), An Introduction to Japanese Economy(Japanese),International Finance(Japanese), Translation between Chinese and Japanese, Writing,Business Japanese, Modern Chinese, Translation Theory(English) , Foreign Affairs Translation, Scientific English Translation(English), Business English Translation(English) and English Interpretation.


Starting from the talent-training principle of “professional English, creative knowledge, competent skills, fine with interpersonal relationship? relying on the combination of Sino-western culture and educational resources of SIAS and under the guidance of curriculum design of Education Ministry and the demand of employment market, the School of Foreign Languages attaches great importance to foreign basic courses and give full play to foreign teachers, strengthen English listening and oral English for all students, attempting to create a close link between the offered courses of Business English, Translation and Education specialties and students?job employment and their pursuing M. A. degrees.


By the end of June, 2007, 3,000 students have graduated from the School of Foreign Languages and graduate employment rates keeps above 90%, working on the field of international trade, translation and teaching. Their working places are all over the country, even including more than 10 countries. Some graduates have successfully got an offer in the 500 world or domestic promising Enterprises like China Petroleum Corporation, China National Offshore Oil Corporation,Shanghai BAOSTEEL Corporation , Shenzhen HUAWEI, Lenovo, Haier and Ali Baba. They have been spoken highly by a number of employers.