School of Business

The Business School of Sias International University was founded in July 2007, and it was created by a merger between the Business & Management Department and the Economics Department.  It is currently comprised of the following departments: Business and Management, Economics, Accounting, Bilingual Teaching Faculty Office, Business School Office, and Student Affairs Office. In total, there are 13 teaching faculty offices.


Since its creation, the Business School has been a key part of the university's teaching and research portfolio. Staff in this school have expertise in a number of fields, and they have strong links with external business, industry and government agencies.   The staff includes 132 full-time faculty members and 57 part-time faculty members.  With a total enrollment of 6,436 students, the Business School is one of the largest schools at Sias.




Full-time Faculty Members


Part-time Faculty Members


Professors & Associate Professors




Faculty with Master degrees and higher


Programs Offered
The Business School has an expansive curriculum portfolio and delivers 14 undergraduate programs, 5 three-year degree programs, and 5 "bridging" programs, which allow three-year college students to pursue four-year degrees.




14 undergraduate programs

5 bridging programs

5 three-year college student programs

Business and Management
Business and Management (E-Business)
Business and Management (Human Resources)
Logistics (International Logistics)
Business and Management (Real Estate Development)
Tourism Management
International Trade
Finance (Insurance)
Accounting (Financial Management)
Accounting (Auditing)

Business and Management
Tourism Management

Business and Management
Tourism Management
Accounting and Auditing


Teaching and Research Offices
The thirteen Teaching Faculty offices help to facilitate the daily teaching activities of the Business School.  The Business school has formed special teaching faculty offices for bilingual courses, which are staffed with overseas scholars and experts, and are responsible for teaching some professional courses with English textbooks and conducting research.  The Business School students from each major are required to take at least two upper division courses that are taught in English only.




13 Teaching and Research Offices

Bilingual Teaching Faculty Office
Business and Management Teaching Faculty Office
E-Business Teaching Faculty Office
Tourism Management Teaching Faculty Office
Real Estate Development Teaching Faculty Office
Logistics Teaching Faculty Office
Marketing Teaching Faculty Office
Economics Teaching Faculty Office
International Trade Teaching Faculty Office
Finance Teaching Faculty Office
Insurance Teaching Faculty Office
Accounting Teaching Faculty Office
Financial Management Teaching Faculty Office


Professional Opportunities
The Business School has also developed many internship opportunities for both graduates and current students. They include: Xiamen Riyuegu Hotsprings Resort Co., Ltd,  Sofitel Hotel in Zhengzhou, Zhengzhou Commodity Exchange, Zhengzhou Esunny Information Technology Co., Ltd, China Export and Credit Insurance Corporation-Henan Branch, Henan Chengyu Accounting Firm, Zhengzhou Zhengtong United Accounting Firm, Henan Dongli Medical Equipment Co., Ltd, Henan Sanye Medical Equipment Co., Ltd, Zhengzhou Likang Sports Co., Ltd, Changjiang Securities-Zhengzhou Branch, Zhengzhou Yuanyixiang Technology Co., Ltd.

The Business School is determined to pursue the best quality in higher education. The mission of the Business School is to help the students achieve success and to improve the effectiveness of education. Graduates of the Business School are very competitive in the job market, and the current employment rate for graduating students is above 97%. Many of the graduates are hired by the leading companies in the world, such as Microsoft and Haier. The number of graduates who choose to pursue further education both in China and abroad is also increasing every year.