SIAS Education Model



•    Sino-American dual degrees
•    International curriculum
•    International language environment
•    International faculty
•    International students
•    International exchanges
•    International joint research
•    International style campus
•    International culture

Liberal Arts Education at Sias  --  Holistic Education


1) Language Culture
•    137 foreign faculty from more than 10 countries。
•    Highest foreign faculty –student ratio
•    Original version English textbooks


2) Liberal Arts Curriculum
•    Cross-major class
•    Life-long learning ability
•    To be a well rounded person


3) International Experience
•    Long-term & Short-term study abroad exchange programs
•    International expert & scholar lectures
•    International Summer & Winter Camp
4) Cognitive Learning
•    Critical thinking
•    Institute for Applied Cognitive science
•    Life management education


5) Social  Responsibility
•    Moral Education
•    Citizen Education
•    Institute for Environmental and Social Responsibility


6) Arts Education
•    Artistic campus
•    Sias Orchestra
•    Sias Marching Band
•    Well known performing Arts on Campus


7) Sports Culture
•    Life-long sport education
•    Taiji, Swim, Golf, etc.
•    CUBA, Cheerleading, Ballroom Dance etc.
•    Fair competition, respect others and team work


8) After-class Activities
•    Students-oriented events
•    More than 100 students clubs & Associations
•    Students entrepreneurship Spirits

9) Chinese Traditional Education
•    Huangdi Culture Education
•    Huangdi International Forum
•    Chinese Culture Series Lectures


International Exchanges and Global Faculty

Not only has SIAS University invited American teachers and introduced authentic American teaching materials, but has created the cultural atmosphere as a world famous university, which enables the students to communicate with the outer world. Many American delegations of all kinds often come to the university to swap ideas and academic experiences every year. In the past 13 years, Sias set up relationship with 61 universities in 12 countries. In 2008, Sias was officially admitted into the Association of Universities of Asia and Pacific (AUAP), and was officially admitted into International Association of University Presidents (IAUP) in 2011. There continue to be such opportunities for students and teachers to keep a breast. The current developments while further deepening their worldview.

Education Quality Control and Guarantee


•    US Northwestern University Management Committee              •     Staff Steering Committee
•    Sias  Foundation Quality  Assessment Board                         •     Experts project the Commission
•    Education Steering Committee                                              •     Parent Oversight Committee
•    Academic Committee                                                           •     Library Commission
•    Joint Management Committee                                               •     Logistics Bidding Committee
•    Education Steering Committee                                              •     Legal Oversight Committee