Dr. Shawn Chen's merit in Education for the application of Prince De. Asturias Award


In 1998, Dr. Shawn Chen started a private university in north central China with fewer than 250 students. By 2012, Sias International University has grown to 23000 students, with 100 international students, majoring in many programs such as liberal arts, business, IT, music, Law architecture, etc. What makes this university unique is its theme of "East meets West"—a blending of the best of Asian and Western curriculum, teaching styles, and environment. Students are exposed to the latest developments in language acquisition, business and management techniques, modern technology, and the fine arts.

With some 130 foreign faculty teaching not only English, but a wide variety of academic courses, Sias has the greatest ratio of foreign teachers to students of any university in China. The campus environment blends traditional architecture with Western style buildings, such as those found on European Street, Italian square, German Street, Spanish Square and Russian Square, moreover, the Administration building, Washington Hall, is designed to resemble the American Capitol on the side facing Campus and Tian An Men square on the side facing the city. Dr. Shawn Chen might be described as an Educational Visionary", He has created an academic culture which is unique in China. Increasingly influential, SIAS is providing a role model and paving the way for other schools throughout China. Its reputation goes far beyond its home in Henan province. At the highest level of education, China's leaders are monitoring Sias university with an eye to adopting those practices which might be extended nationwide. Thus, Dr. Shawn Chen's vision of creating a " Harvard of China very likely will have an impact far beyond Sias university itself ( Dr. Shawn Chen is poised to radically reshape Chinese Education Other information required by the award.