Indoor court
In 2008 we have a new indoor court. The indoor court cost 50 million Yuan which encompasses an area of 6300 square meters, including 4 basketball courts and with a seating capacity of over 6000. The court host the finals of CUBA (China university basketball association) in 2009. It is a great honor that we can host this event.
Indoor swimming poor
In addition to the indoor court, we also added a new modern indoor swimming pool. Our state of the art pool provides a constant temperature between 26 and 28 centigrade degrees as well as modern circulation and facilities, along with the weight-lifted gym which has so many modern machines, yoga room which has professional staff to teach students to learn yoga and shower facilities which are all available for our students and teachers convenience. Above the pool is the second floor. On the second floor, we also have more rooms for exercises as well as a place to relax and enjoy refreshing beverages.
That building in the southwest is our omnibus experiment building which includes a Chinese-English reading room, electronic reading rooms, computer labs and learning rooms. The building to the south is our library, 600 thousand English version books were imported from America. Only Sias provides such a wonderful environment for learning English in China.
Sias Theater
The first two floors is a student dining hall, the third floor is the opera theater. It has 1195 seats. Many forums have been held here like “The 2007 symposium on women’s issues preparing for success in the global society”; “The Women’s business & entrepreneur symposium Sias international university our vision for women in global society”.
Teaching buildings
The ten buildings are separated into two opposite groups. The designer used granite, although its costs were higher than common material. It avoids damages from sunlight and rain, neither it will fade nor deform, and have it will stability. Definitely, Dr. Peter’s wants to make Sias’s buildings endure for more than 50 years. Maybe some of you have noticed that all of the teaching buildings have only a few, small windows, this was a special design. The American scientist found that the lamp harmful to our eyesight less than sunlight, and most of our classrooms are multi-media classrooms, so much sunlight would diminish the teaching effect. Also they have their own names such as Aristotle hall, Maxwell hall, Edison hall, etc.
Sias Golf Driving Range is the only campus golf in Central China which gathered training and entertainment into one organic whole.
With the complete facilities and graceful environment, there is a driving range of 5 acres and putting green area of 4500 square meters and floorage of above 3000 square meters. 240-yard fairway and double deck of 26 tee and two 3 pars and holes fairways.