Academic Assistance



The Tutoring Center has worked with all the international students in Sias International University. We have helped struggling students to raise grades, and gifted students to enhance skills in Chinese as a second Language whether you need to catch up a little or catch up a lot. The students who attend the Tutoring Center find a peaceful setting and a positive, nurturing environment in which to study.

The Tutoring Center offers tutorial programs and small group workshop Program for international students, at every stage – from Fundamental Chinese, Intermediate Chinese and Advanced Chinese coordinators ensure that tutors are well-versed in the curricula here, so that they are able to help students succeed in Comprehensive, Speaking, Listening, writing and reading of Chinese, while also providing homework support and promoting effective study skills.

Our goal is to complement the Chinese language skills and knowledge no matter the curricular or extracurricular on the campus, and we are happy to coordinate with teachers and/or tutoring support staff in order to provide assistance where it is most needed.

Welcome to the Tutoring Center - Tutoring and Workshops in School of Chinese Language and Culture.