Campus Life

Candlelight Ceremony

If we thought opening ceremony is a formal welcoming ceremony, in the same way, the candlelight ceremony is a ceremony for the freshman which is full of human feelings. It's more vivid and vigorous. It can better mobilize the passion of each student, let the freshman feel SIAS spirit, love it and adhere to it. It also can increase freshman's strong awareness of being a host, giving them a perfect memory in their heart at the same time.

The purpose of candlelight vigil is to continue to transmit the spirit and culture of SIAS. The main form as following:

1.     The direct lighting of the torch which symbolizes the SIAS spirit. Simultaneously, a senior student takes over the torch, runs around the drill ground and passes the torch to a junior student.

2.     Four torch bearers cluster around the torch and start to light the candle which is in the hand of leaders, teachers, foreign teachers and guests. Then, teachers and senior students gather around with freshmen and light the candle in their hands one by one, which symbolizes the big family of SIAS giving their love and esteem to new members.

3.     The chorus group which consists of students and teachers in SIAS are prepared on the stage. When all candles have been lighted, the chorus group starts to sing and all the students and teachers under the stage will swing the candle lightly with the music and gradually join in singing.

4.     After chorus group singing, leader, guest, foreign teacher representative and student representative make brief speech in turn.

5.     Start playing American music game.

6.     Setting off fireworks.

The candlelight ceremony closes the distance between students and teachers, lets freshmen become better integrated in SIAS International University. The candlelight lets everyone feel warm and clearly hear the heartbeat in everyone's heart. The candlelight lets everyone feel quite close, close to our leaders and teachers, close to SIAS.

Culture Week

The Sias International Culture Week plays an active role in creating lively and enthusiastic extracurricular activities at Sias. This unique weeklong festival is a window to the world through which one can see and appreciate both home and foreign cultures. This year the 12th Sias International Culture will be held from Nov. 1st – 6th at Sias campus.

"To communicate with people who have different values and beliefs in an effective way is one of the most significant skills in the world today. Sias International Culture Week is designed to equip our students with these kinds of skills in life." said Sias president Li Haijun in a written statement.

There are six days of events for the students. The week begins with China Day, followed by Latin America/Africa Day, European Day, Asia Day, North America Day and International Day, which features selected acts from the previous five days.In addition this year, students and faculty worked to sell T-shirts to raise money and awareness for the H20 Africa Foundation, which is working to bring clean drinking water to the Sarah region.

Mon.--- China Day

Tue. --- Asia Day

Wed.--- Latin America

Thu.--- Africa Day

Fri.  --- Europe Day

Sat. --- North America Day

Sun. ---International Day

1.     China Day kicked off the week with artwork from around the nation. Students learned about everything from paper cutting to glass blowing. Students could have their names drawn in colorful characters or carved on a piece of rice.

2.     On Latin America/Africa Day, students learned about Mexican paper cutting, the Amazon rain forest and the animals and people of Africa.During the evening performance, the international teachers performed traditional Latin American and African dances and songs.

3.     European Day featured many picture boards of various countries and movies from the region. Students enjoyed walking around the May Pole and collecting their prizes from one of many European countries.There was a fashion show during the evening performance, which was led by the original Olympic host country of Greece. There were several dance numbers by Sias students, and there were songs by instructors.

4.     Asia Day featured sights and sounds from many of the island countries. The Philippines had a traditional boat and building front for students to take pictures with. Students were able to try KTV (karaoke) in other languages, including Japanese, Korean, Bengali and many more.Numerous traditional dances filled the evening performance, including tinikling, a Filipino dance where dancers jump in and out of bamboo poles. The evening ended with a bang with the Bengali dance and fireworks.

5.     North America Day featured a Hollywood walk, swing dancing, sandcastle building, putt-putt golf and corn hole tossing. There were various sign boards so students could also learn about different states and provinces in the United States and Canada.The evening performance was a combination of song and dance as international teachers acted out "An American Love Story".

Women Symposium

Since 2007, the annual Sias International Women’s Symposium has provided a platform for Sias females students to communicate with global successful females, which Is aimed at educating and directing the Sias females students to enhance their leaderships, to learn how to set their life goals, to develop their potentials and realize their life goals.

Home Coming Festival

"Home Coming Festival" is a traditional cultural activity in high schools and universities in the United States. It is a reunion of parents and friends of various fields to look back in the past and look forward to the future. As a young university, according to the special way of combining both Chinese educational philosophies with a Western model of education, we consider "Home Coming Festival" a special academic activity. It includes lectures given by Chinese and foreign experts, performances, basketball competitions, cocktail parties, and other various events. Based on the success in previous years, in the year 2005, the college has added "Innovation Park" - the students get involved in making meaningful large-scale models with their own hands. The fireworks show, the musical bonfire and some other activities are part of the evening activities. Consequently, it is really a colorful and interesting cultural festival.

Annual Commencement

Every June, Sias will hold a fancy commencement to celebrate the accomplishment of Sias campus life and taking the step into society.

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