Sias International University Welcomes You!
Thinking about coming to China to study on the Sias campus? Need information about what Sias has to offer you or want to apply to Sias?

Sias is a safe, beautiful and friendly campus with about 20,100 students taking classes on-campus, including approximately 120 from 17 different countries study in the school of Chinese Language and Culture (SCLC) to explore undergraduate major fields of study and Chinese Language programs.

Sit back and let School of Chinese Language and Culture lead you through a world of opportunity that will get you where you want to go! With small class sizes and the lowest tuition rates, SCLC is your one-stop shop for an outstanding college experience! 
Our faculty and staff are known for their exceptional personal attention and support provided to students, and assistance for international students is also in place, such as the Chinese Language program, and staff dedicated to providing help for foreign students in the Tutoring Center.

We provide hands-on learning with faculty members that take pride in making personal relationships with you, students enjoy getting involved in our campus life with intramural activities, more than 50 student groups and organizations! Where else could make you more forward thinking and world ready? Get started and become an SCLC member today!