Residential Life and Housing



Our residential community consists of approximately all the boarding students. We believe that our relatively small size contributes to our greatest strength as a residential community: a sense of home. With 71 boarding students, it is very possible for each faculty member to know each of our residential students.

As members of a common community we share everything; we live together, work together, rest together, eat together, laugh together, learn together. The faculty at SIAS serves our students not only in the classroom as teachers, but on the playing fields as coaches, in the theatre as directors, and in the residences as hall parents and mentors.

Boarding students and teachers know each other well at SIAS. That relationship means that students know to whom to turn about an academic challenge or a personal dilemma. Teachers are able to respond with care and knowledge to the concerns and needs of their students.

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Q Will I have a roommate?

A Most boarding students live in double rooms. New boarding students are matched with roommates with similar personalities and interests. After the first year at SIAS, you are allowed to request your roommate. You can also choose the single room according your reality.

Q Where do I eat?
During the week, three meals a day are served in Peter Hall. You can also buy food by yourself on campus or outside.

Q May I have a computer in my room?
A You are allowed to have a computer in your room.

Q What happens on the weekend?
A There are many things to do on the weekends. A schedule of events is published each week, and students can be very busy as they take advantage of the activities that are offered. Weekly activities include trips to the movie theater, area restaurants, and to the mall; library hours; free swim in the pool; open gym; and exercise room sessions.

Q  Do I have to stay every weekend?
All students are required to stay on campus for the first weekend of the year. For this weekend, special activities are planned that allow boarding students the opportunity to get to know each other and make new friends. Students are allowed to sign out on all other weekends during the school year.

Q  Who does my laundry?
A  You may do your own laundry with the coin-operated washing and drying machines available in the laundry room, which has multiple coin-operated washers and dryers for student use. If you don't want to do your own laundry, you can ask laundry shop for help outside the campus

Q  Who cleans my room?
A  You are responsible for keeping your room clean and neat at all times. All in-room bathrooms must also be kept clean.

Q  How do I stay in touch with friends/family from home?
There are many ways to communicate with family and friends. You can email friends from any computer on campus or from your room if you have your own computer. Students are allowed to have cell phones, which you may use during free time.