We Welcome Today’s Generation on the First Step

     Toward Big Dreams for the Future!




 1.A Program for Every Passion: SIAS provides a one-to-one advisor program to assure you of finding what interests you the most.


        ● 10:1 students-to-faculty ratio

        ● More than 70 undergraduate majors

        ●Custom-designed curriculum for special needs

        ●Over 100 international clubs and student organizations


2.Secure Your Success: SIAS guarantees your success with our many support services, expert faculty and on-campus facilities.


       ●Academic Advising

       ●Personal Counseling Services

       ●On-Campus Clinic

       ●Tutoring programs


3.The “Softest” landing in China: As an American-style university, because of its experience in dealing with large numbers of foreigners over the last decade, SIAS understands what international students need for life and study.


       ●24/7 security and front desk service

       ●Convenient on-campus grocery store

       ●Western-style amenities and creature comforts

       ●300+ international faculties and students on campus

       ●Free airport pickups upon arrival and departure

       ●Cafeterias with all kinds of food for international students from different countries

       ●Regularly scheduled weekend transportation to shopping malls in downtown Zhengzhou


4.Smart and Affordable Investment: International and Chinese Students benefit from the same exceptional value.


       ●The same tuition rate and fees as Chinese students

       ●Affordable, all-inclusive room-and-board fee

       ●Opportunities for financial aid and numerous scholarships


5.Central Historic Location: SIAS is situated in Henan Province, a locale which continues to include and reflect Chinese culture and tradition which are rapidly becoming extinct in   larger, modern Chinese cities. If you want to enjoy true Chinese culture and history, come to Henan Province!


       ●Rich in cultural heritage

       ●Origin of the Earliest Chinese Dynasties

       ●Birthplace of Chinese Martial Arts

       ●Close to many National Parks and cultural attractions

       ●Surrounded by renowned archeological sites and the dynastic ruins of China’s ancient capital cities: Kaifeng, Luoyang and Anyang


                                                                                       A Truly Great Place to Start, Stay, and Study…