Ready to Apply?  The Journey Begins!

Ready to Apply?  The Journey Begins!

Application Deadlines

● Undergraduate and Graduate Programs:

Fall Semester: May 31st
(Note: All undergraduate and graduate programs start in the Fall
semester only)

● Chinese Studies Certificate Program:

Fall semester: May 31st;
Spring semester: December 15th

● Short-term Chinese Language Program:

Any time of the year.

● Chinese Language and Culture Summer Camp:

June 15th

Step1:Prepare your application package.

1.Complete the Application Form.
2.Scan of your passport ID page.
3.Scan of diploma and transcript of your highest level of education.

4.Your detailed shipping address. (Recipient’s name,phone number,company,

Dept./floor,street,city,state/province,country,postal code)

After evaluation of your application documents by China government,Sias will post
JW202 form and admission letter to you.

Step 2:Send your application package

Step 3:Apply for a “Student (X) Visa” at Chinese Embassy.

As soon as students have received admission letter and the government JW202
from Sias International University, student could apply for the “Student X Visa” to
China in their home country from the nearest Chinese Embassy.

Step 4:Get to Sias

Upon receipt of the student (X) visa, we strongly suggest students to inform SIAS
their arrival information 2 weeks ahead, so SIAS could arrange the transportation to
pick up students from airport or railway station when they arrive in China,and assist
the student in gaining their residency permit as required by Chinese law.

For more information, please visit, or call (86)-371-6260-3006.

Academic Calendar

Sias International University follows the Chinese academic calendar. There are two
semesters per one school-year: the Fall semester and the Spring semester.
Generally, the Fall semester begins at the last Monday in August and lasts 18 week.
Between Fall and Spring semesters there is the winter break for approximately
five weeks from late January to late February.The Spring semester begins after the
Chinese Spring Festival and lasts 18 weeks, generally ending in late June.